Friday, June 25, 2010

Soap Curing Rack

Jack put his carpentry skills to practice this past week as he made me this soap curing rack.
Momma was the one who initiated this project as she was in the process of organizing the pantry room and 2 shelves were being occupied by curing soap. As she looked at those 2 shelves all she saw was what she could have on them!
I had been looking on the internet for racks that could be used for soap, but hadn't found anything that would fit our needs. I did find a picture of someone's soap racks so I printed it off to give Jack an idea. We also told him what else we needed in a soap curing rack.

Here he is getting started on the individual shelves.

On Wednesday, Jack asked if I would come out and help him assemble the stand and make shelves. So I spent the morning in the garage keeping him company and trying to stay out of his way :)

Stretching the screen over the shelves and stapling.

Half way done!

Jack, cutting boards for shelving...

Assembling the last shelves together (there is 12 all together)

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